Sword Swallowers in Movies, Films, and Documentaries

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Documentaries and Videos

  • Stomachs of Steel (April 2004) documentary produced by Dr. Paul Trotman and Roz Mason through NHNZ for The Discovery Channel, featuring Natasha Veruschka, Johnny Fox, Dai Andrews, Sideshow Bennie, Dan Meyer, George the Giant, Alex Zander and others at the 2003 Sideshow Gathering and SSAI Sword Swallowers Convention.
  • Life As a Sideshow documentary
  • Last Great American Sideshow documentary by BBC featuring Ward Hall, and sword swallowers Lady Diane, Johnny Meah, and John Trower.
  • Joey Joey video by Ilse Somers, 12 minutes, color (1989)
  • Gibtown, documentary on Gibsonton, Florida, 64 minutes (1999)
  • Secret History of Sideshows and Showmen documentary by the Discovery Channel
  • Mysteries of Magic: The Impossible Made Possible, documentary by the Discovery Channel, featuring sword swallower Amy Saunders as sword swallower Edith Clifford (1999) (Amy Saunders as Clifford swallowing razor blades (:43 mpg))
  • Sideshow: Alive on the Inside, produced by Tim Miller, narrated by Jason Alexander, including footage of sword swallowers Johnny Meah and Red Stuart, featured on the Learning Channel (1999)
  • History's Mysteries includes about a 6 minute segment of sword swallower Johnny Meah swallowing swords and neon
  • Zamora Sideshow Video compilation video, footage of various Zamora TV performances, 1 hour ($20 buy it now )
  • Roadside Attractions produced by Kevin Smith, featuring sword swallower Johnny Meah, aired on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (2002)
  • The Traveling Sideshow (2003) documentary produced by Jeff Krulik for Shocked and Amazed TV for The Travel Channel, and featuring Natasha Veruschka, Johnny Fox, Dai Andrews, The LizardMan, Keith Nelson, Dan Meyer, and others at the 2002 Sideshow Gathering and SSAI Sword Swallowers Convention Aired on Discovery Times Channel (June 2005)
  • CNN Health Life Beyond Limits (CNN Health segment with Sanjay Gupta) produced by Caleb Pellerman, CNN Atlanta, featuring Todd Robbins, and a shot of all of the sword swallowers involved in the 2002 SSAI Big Swallow (June 2004)
  • You Swallowed What? produced by Belinda Seaman, Beyond Productions, Australia at the 2004 Sideshow Gathering and SSAI Sword Swallowers Convention, and aired January 31, Feb 2, and Feb 6, 2005.
  • Discovery Channel - I Survived: Impaling produced by Sol Papadopolous and Keith Farrell, Granada Media UK featuring sword swallower Dan Meyer and Dr. Edwin Donnelly at the Vanderbilt Medical Center, Nashville (2004). Aired in UK, Australia and Singapore in 2005 on Discovery Times Channel, aired in the US Fall 2005.
  • American Carny, True Tales from the Circus Sideshow, a Quattica Pictures film produced by Nick Basile (Summer 2005), featuring sword swallowers Todd Robbins, Dan Meyer and possibly others.
  • The Food Network episode "Food Magic" to air Spring 2006.

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