Sword Swallowing Discussion Lists

What is a Discussion List?

E-mail discussion lists are an excellent way for people with similar interests to network with each other by e-mail about a subject. When a list member sends an e-mail to the discussion list, everyone on the list receives it and anyone can respond back to list for everyone else to see.

We have set up our Sword Swallowing lists as private discussion lists for sword swallowers to communicate and network with each other. The purpose of the Sword Swallowing Lists is to encourage better networking between sword swallowers around the world, and to cover all aspects of sword swallowing, from the history of sword swallowing to swords, neon tubes, props, costumes, tips, techniques, records, news, appearances, performances, injuries, SSAI meetings, events, seminars, or any other topics related to sword swallowing.

Sword swallowing is an extremely dangerous performance art. We cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injuries resulting from attempts or demonstrations, in practice or performance, of any of the acts discussed on our discussion Lists. Due to the dangers and liability involved in sword swallowing, our Lists are private and open to actual sword swallowers ONLY.

Those who just think sword swallowing is a "cool" stunt that they want to try will NOT be allowed to join these Lists. In order to be approved to our Lists, you must already be on our list of known sword swallowers, or you must be able to show proof that you are a serious sword swallower, either in the form of a website or photo of you swallowing swords, or else a referral from a recognized sword swallower already on our list before we can approve your membership.

There are actually TWO different Sword Swallowing discussion lists, one at Yahoo, and one at Topica.com, with different sword swallowers on each list, and therefore, different topics and discussions.

We encourage all SSAI members and other sword swallowers to subscribe to BOTH Sword Swallowing Discussion Lists in order to better network and communicate with each other.

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How do I subscribe to the Sword Swallowing Lists?

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What happens then?

After you have successfully subscribed to the Sword Swallower's Lists, you will receive an e-mail with more information about each List and how to best use it. You will then be able send e-mails to the List by addressing your e-mail to

SwSw@topica.com (Topica SwSw List)


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and all other List members on each List will then receive your e-mail and be able to reply back to you! And of course, you can easily unsubscribe at any time.

When you first subscribe, you may want to "lurk" quietly on the List for a little while to get a feel for the general tone of the List before posting your first e-mail to the group.

After you get a feel for the List, please send an introductory e-mail to the List giving a brief introduction and description of who you are. You might want to include

  • how long you have been swallowing swords
  • how you learned and who you learned from
  • what shows you have worked with
  • where you are located or where you perform
  • what length and type of swords you use
  • any personal records you hold (numbers, length, etc.)
  • any specialties you do (neon, kriss, curved, multiples, etc.)
  • any injuries or problems you have encountered
  • any tips, tricks, or advice you can offer
  • any other topics or questions related to swords, sword swallowing props, showmanship, the history of sword swallowing, sideshows or the circus.

PLEASE feel free to ask questions of your peers - That's what these lists are for! Don't be shy to ask!

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The opinions, comments and remarks of Sw-Sw List members do not necessarily reflect the official views of nor constitute endorsement by the Sword Swallowers Association International.